LifeSavers was formed in 1980. Starting out as a power pop/punk band, the group, lead by Michael Knott, has gone through many changes and resets over the years, often releasing albums that reflected those changes. Blond Vinyl’s 1991 Poplife is a prime example. Musically the album is best described as equal parts underground alternative and post-punk surf rock. The general tone is light and playful. With a song title like Surf With God you might expect that. Steve Hindalong and Chuck Cummings add some tasty drum rhythms to Mike Knott’s expressive vocals. Not overly high-tech or glossy, nonetheless there are several catchy, addictive tunes that make Poplife a satisfying listen

After several years of dormancy the LifeSavers returned in 1995 with the release of Huntington Beach on Brainstorm Artists Int’l. This album saw the return of Brian Doidge on bass guitar and Chuck Cummings on drums. Huntington Beach was also the heaviest LifeSavers album to date – a return to their punk rock roots. Songwriting and lead vocal was split between Doidge and Knott on this album, with less spiritual, but very personal, lyrics that focused on many humorous aspects of ‘80s life in Knott’s hometown, Huntington Beach, California.


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