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Ellis In The Orchard L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet


English Interpreter Of English Michael Knott Live performance


The Fold L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet


She Said L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet


Back To The Orchard L.S. Underground The Grape Prophet


Heaven High Michael Knott Live performance


Heaven High LifeSavers Heaven High


This Is the Healing Michael Knott Live performance


Surf With God Michael Knott Live performance


Surf With God LifeSavers PopLife


Oh Baby LifeSavers Heaven High


I Love It When LifeSavers Heaven High


Last Spring LifeSavers Heaven High

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Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome returns to guest host our 50th episode of Frontline Rewind! Healy gets together in studio with the one and only Michael Knott (LifeSavers, LSU) to celebrate digital release of his albums, “The Grape Prophet” and “Heaven High”. These guys are good friends and this episode is filled with camaraderie, transparency and free-flowing wit.
Knott reveals the back-story for his rock opera, “The Grape Prophet” (L.S. Underground). Songs relate his experience with a Southern California church he attended that had self-proclaimed prophets from Kansas City. Tune in to hear details. Michael performs acoustic renditions of several songs from the album, available digitally for the first time since its 1992 Blonde Vinyl Records release.
Healy also urges Knott to talk about a Saintly influence for “Heaven High” (LifeSavers), a crowd-funded CD that released in 2014, available digitally now for the first time. Knott talks about Saint Clare of Assisi, whose picture is on the cover, and her story. He describes the album as a “bombastic love-fest of hope and truth”. Now that’s worth checking out!

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