Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Scott Taylor is a songwriter, record producer, writer and founding member of the bands, Daniel Amos (DA) and The Swirling Eddies (credited as Camarillo Eddy). Taylor is also a member of the roots and alternative music group, Lost Dogs. In addition to being the chief lyricist, and lead singer for DA since the band recorded its first album, Taylor has become one of the music industry’s most respected producers and songwriters.

In 1975 Daniel Amos succeeded in landing a recording contract on Marantha! Music, and quickly recorded their first song for the label, Taylor's "Ain't Gonna Fight It". Taylor and the members of Daniel Amos went on to record numerous albums and change musical styles with nearly every one of them.

In 1986-87 Taylor released a couple solo albums and also became the production director for Frontline Records, commissioned to produce many of the label's releases. In the early 1990s, Taylor teamed up with Adam Again's Gene Eugene, The Choir's Derri Daugherty and The 77s' Mike Roe to form the alt-country/roots band, Lost Dogs. Although it began as a "one time" arrangement, the band soon took on a life of its own and continued to tour and make albums.

In 1988 Daniel Amos decided to secretly reinvent themselves as the Swirling Eddies, complete with pseudonyms and an air of novelty and farce. Mature writing and rootsy guitars separate this release from the more experimental records DA had been releasing up to that point, along with more conspicuous Southern accents on the part of the vocalists.

In 1998, Taylor became the head of West Coast A&R for the Killen Music Group (KMG Records), a Nashville-based record label and released his third solo album, John Wayne. In 2005, Taylor composed the soundtrack to another TenNapel cartoon series (this time, for the Nickelodeon network) called Catscratch.

Throughout his career, Taylor has produced albums for countless bands and artists including Randy Stonehill, Riki Michele, Tom Howard, The Altar Boys, Crystal Lewis and Wild Blue Yonder, Jacob's Trouble, Scaterd Few, Deliverance, Mercy River, Starflyer 59, Fine China, Mortal, Poor Old Lu, Tourniquet, Rich Young Ruler and an assortment of children's records including the MegaMouth and the Harry Whodunit? series.


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