Adam Again

Adam Again

Adam Again was a seminal west coast alternative/rock group founded in the mid 80’s by the late “Gene Eugene” Andrusco. Along with Riki Michele on vocals, Paul Valadez on bass, Jon Knox on drums and Greg Lawless on guitar, Adam Again's style is best described as rock and acoustic with strong hints of funk and traces of soul running throughout. Andrusco’s vocal styling is often compared to Michael Stipe of R.E.M. however an in depth listen reveals a unique and expressive essence all its own. Known also for his contributions behind the scenes as a producer and engineer, Gene Eugene is still best known for the touching, haunting, poignant music throughout Adam Again’s five studio releases. The band garnered much critical acclaim throughout their run and although they never garnered massive commercial appeal, Adam Again boasts a strong and loyal following and fits in nicely with fans of The Choir, 77’s, Undercover and LSU.


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