Deitiphobia was a Christian industrial / electro / techno band from the United States formed in 1990 consisting of the duo of Wally Shaw and Brent Stackhouse. Known originally as Donderfliegen (translated into band speak as 'darn that fly'), the band changed names to Deitiphobia in 1991 to better clarify the band's focus on Christianity. The band's name means "Fear of God."

After Shaw and Stackhouse separated, Shaw relocated to Chicago to continue with Deitiphobia releases. Shaw's fiancé, Sheri Swaback (later Sheri Shaw) stepped in to fill the keyboard and vocals position in Deitiphobia. Joined with guitarist and percussionist Josh Plemon, the band released Clean on Myx Records in 1994. The following year brought Fear of the Digital Remix, which was more of a project by former Blonde Vinyl head and alternative artist Michael Knott than an effort by the band. For the album, Knott remixed elements of the band's first two albums into new compositions.


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