Angelica is a project of Canadian born guitarist Dennis Cameron, who recorded a pair of demo tapes under the Angelica name. Later he faced the option to either join Holy Soldier or Bloodgood or to sign with Intense Records. Dennis chose the latter and released four albums on the label, including Angelica (1989), Walkin' In Faith (1990), Rock, Stock & Barrel (1991) and Time Is All It Takes (1992).

In 1993, Intense Records released the album "Angelica Greatest Hits", a twelve-song collection of Cameron's greatest musical moments over the last four years. Much of the material selected charted in the top 5 rock and metal formats, while other songs were chosen for their artistic value. This is the first time ever that the talents of Angelica's several vocalists are contained on one recording like Jerome Mazza, Andy Lyon, Drew Baca and Rob Rock.


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