From the sound of A2J’s self-titled debut album, one would never guess that this was their first album. Fans of Jars of Clay and Caedmon's Call will appreciate the emphasis on guitar, yet the style is rockin' enough to keep even a Newsboys or Petra fan on their toes. The poetic and creative lyrics are based on the gospel of John, hence the name According to John. This CD has a defined sound and style, yet enough variety to give it flavor.

The band’s founder, John Waller, began writing songs when he was 19 and soon started sharing them with audiences in the Atlanta area. In 1996, after five years on his own and several custom recording projects, John felt it was time to put a group together and According to John was born. “I sought out people who were strong where I was weak,” remembers John. I really like camaraderie and I love being on a team. I have a sincere appreciation and admiration for the guys in the band.”

The band’s journey has been marked with significant milestones. In 1998, their self-titled debut on the KMG label yielded the successful Christian CHR radio single “Justified.” A bittersweet honor came for the group when their song “Nothing Back” was used at the funeral of Columbine shooting victim Cassie Bernall. The song was later used in a video tribute to her life and faith. “It made us feel very humble,” said John. “That song went so perfectly with what we had heard about her life. Obviously, we could’ve never made that happen - God just dropped the song in that teenager’s life.”

For A2J members the prayers continue - they pray that they would have more than critical or financial success - but that they would, in John’s words, “impact people wherever we go. Our goal is to be faithful to enter the doors God opens for us. And our mission is to get people caught up in the excitement of walking with Christ in everyday life.” That is the bottom line – “According To John.”


John Waller
Matt Adkins
John Fisher
Heath Balltzglier