American Made

American Made

American Made is an unusual punk band in many ways. To start off, it blends a little rock and hip-hop-flavored pop in with frenzied hardcore punk and urban-style rap chants to sound like something brand new. On top of that eccentric combination, it then mixes it all with a clear Christian message. Members of this unique band are rapper Danneal Castillo, guitarist Chris Brown, his brother, drummer Aaron Brown, and bassist Eric Geeler.

The Brown brothers and Geeler grew up on a regular diet of tunes by rock artists like Social Distortion and Rancid. Castillo leaned toward rappers such as Run- D.M.C. and LL Cool J. The trick was successfully combining the two styles and coming out with one jamming sound. The group also wanted to share its Christian values and yet not knock any listeners over the head with preaching.

The four young men met each other at a Christian summer camp. They soon began performing together, calling themselves Against the Flow since that idea seemed to fit them and their music. Later the name was changed to American Made. They recycled the original name as the title for the band's debut full-length release. The album, Against the Flow, produced by Whiteheart's Billy Smiley, hit the store shelves in 1999. It was recorded under the KMG Records label and showcases tracks filled with thundering drums and savage guitar riffs like "Earth Girls," "Kick It," "How We Roll," and "Live and Learn."

Since that first release American Made has performed nationwide, touring with groups like Skillet and appearing every where from nightclubs to Christian rock festivals.


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