It is impossible to consider Christian Hip Hop history without Chris Cooper a.k.a. Sup, a.k.a. Super C, a.k.a. Soup The Chemist. His "group" was S.F.C., which stood for Soldiers For Christ. SFC’s debut, Listen Up, brought food for a hungry market bringing authentic street rap with the best use of scratching and sampling heard to date. In your face lyrics dealt with real issues like drugs, gang violence, immoral living and more. CCM Magazine called Listen Up a “welcome face in the growing genre of Christian rap.”

Soup wrote a book releasing in June titled, “Through My Windows”. It details the gospel rap movement from 1985 to 2003. For anyone seeking to understand how the movement started and how groups such as SFC, The Gospel Gangstas, I.D.O.L. King, Freedom of Soul and Dynamic Twins came to be, this book is a must read!


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