Vengeance Rising

Vengeance Rising

Vengeance Rising was a Christian thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA. Fronted by vocalist Roger Martinez, they originally formed as Vengeance in 1987, but changed their name in 1989 to avoid conflict with another band from the Netherlands with the same name. Their debut Human Sacrifice was called "the most radical Christian album ever released" by Heaven’s Metal Magazine editor Doug Van Pelt. The group released four projects on the Intense label with the first two being considered their finest work…and their most controversial as the group had a penchant for graphic elements (Human Sacrifice shows a graphic, up close picture of a spike that has been hammered through a human hand strapped to a cross). Although controversial, VR was warmly received by metal radio and fanzines and during their run was often voted Top Metal artist by writers and DJs.


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