Randy Rose

Randy Rose

Randy Rose was a member of Mad at the World during its entire existence as a band from 1987-1998. During its first two years as a synthpop band, Randy played percussion, worked on the drum programming, and sang backup vocals. He continued with drums and vocals as the band transitioned to a hard rock band in early 1990.

In 1991, Randy recorded his solo project titled Sacrificium to experiment with a metal sound often compared to Danzig. He rerecorded MATW's "Marshmallow Land" and wrote all original material for the rest of the album. Among others, fellow MATW members Roger Rose and Brent Gordon played instruments on this album. In 1993, Randy formed his own metal band called Rose. They released two albums that year, Healing and an Intense Live EP. In 1994, Rose followed MATW's lead, adopting a 60s retro style of music, and released their final album with Intense Records called Crazy Little World.


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